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Reasons for Why Your Shower Squeals

b&d plumbing your shower squeals

Here are several reasons why your shower squeals and what to do about fixing them.

If your shower squeals, screams, or whistles every time you take a shower, it’s safe to say things are not functioning as they should with your home plumbing. Here are several reasons why your shower squeals and what to do about fixing them.

Why Does Your Shower Make a High-Pitched Noise?

There are multiple potential reasons why your shower makes a high-pitched noise. In some cases, you can figure out the problem with a bit of investigating. Other times, you may require the assistance of a plumbing contractor to determine the issue and how to fix it.

  • A broken or clogged showerhead can be a reason why your showerhead squeals. Remove the showerhead, clean it, and then replace it to determine if the squealing has stopped. If not, replacing a broken showerhead is an easy fix.
  • Another possible issue because your showerhead squeals are clogged showerhead pipes. Try fixing this by removing the showerhead and using a flexible tool or a snake to clean the mineral deposits from the pipe leading to the showerhead.
  • In some cases, you might have a broken or damaged shower cartridge. Contact B&D Plumbing for assistance with this repair since it’s a challenge to fix since the shower cartridge is inside the faucet assembly.
  • The diverter valve (the knob you pull or turn to stop the running water from the tub faucet and flow into the pipe instead) might be worn out or broken, leading to that annoying squealing noise. Solution? Turn on the water and toggle the diverter. The diverter is the issue if the sound changes when you activate it. Thus, it must be replaced.
  • Lastly, high water pressure can be a symptom of why your showerhead squeals. Turn to an experienced plumber for a diagnosis and a long-term solution.

Is a Squealing Shower Hazardous?

Squealing showers release an unpleasant sound and can even make you feel nervous. So, it makes sense to wonder if a high-pitched shower noise is dangerous. The answer is: it may be. Your drinking water may receive debris if the squealing results from rusting or corroding pipes.

If the problem is clogged or debris-filled pipes, they will only worsen and clog over time. Also, if the issue is a faulty cartridge or valve, it’s only going to degrade more. Unfortunately, these plumbing issues rarely solve on their own. Make sure to call a reputable plumber like B&D Plumbing to solve any plumbing problem and restore your peaceful shower time.

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