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Easy Ways to Fix Your Home’s Stripped Faucet Handle

Easy Ways to Fix Your Home’s Stripped Faucet Handle

A spinning faucet handle is typically caused by wear and tear on your faucet cartridge.

A spinning faucet handle can be very annoying, especially since it is a fairly common issue that can occur over time. Thankfully, there are a few easy fixes you can do at home while you wait for our plumbing team to come check it out, all for just about 20 dollars. If you grab a few screwdrivers, the issue can be resolved for the most part. A spinning faucet handle is typically caused by wear and tear on your faucet cartridge. The cartridge attaches to your handle, and the two work simultaneously to control the flow of water. Once the cartridge is stripped down, the handle will feel a bit loose or just spin. Read on for a couple of easy steps to fix your home’s stripped faucet handle!

Turn Your Water Valve Off

The vales to turn off the water leading to your sink or shower should be right below your faucet. Turn the handle clockwise in order to turn off all the water to the faucet. If you are working on your home’s bathtub, you might have to turn off your home’s water supply while you’re working. You will also want to cover the drain, just to make sure that nothing important like your screws goes down it and disappears for good.

Remove Any Faucet Handles and Cover Plates

Depending on where your handles might be in relation to the faucet cartridge, you will either have to remove your handles or your cover plates. While the handles can typically be unscrewed by hand, the cover plates will then have to be popped off with a flathead screwdriver. Your connecting screw might require a Phillips head screwdriver or a handy Allen wrench. If you don’t have this kind of screwdriver, then call B&D Plumbing! We can come out and help fix this issue in no time.

Remove Your Faucet Cartridge

Once the locking nut has been removed, the faucet cartridge should lift out. If it is a bit hard to remove, use a pair of pliers. If you haven’t purchased a new cartridge yet, take an older one with you to the hardware store. This way, you can compare sizes. Or, you could call our plumbing crew for advice.

Replace that Older Faucet Cartridge  

Once you have the proper replacement faucet cartridge, place it on, and then retrace all of the steps you took, working backward to reassemble it. Turn the water back on, and then test it out. If you have issues with replacing it, give us a call!

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