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A Few Reasons Your Shower Is Making Squealing or Whistling Noises

A Few Reasons Your Shower Is Making Squealing or Whistling Noises

High-pitched noises are not just annoying, they could also be signs of a plumbing problem with your shower.

It isn’t weird for somebody to enjoy singing while showering. However, if the shower itself seems to be joining you by squealing, whistling, or hissing, it could change your tune a bit. These high-pitched noises are not just annoying, they could also be signs of a plumbing problem inside your house. In this blog, we will cover a few of the most common causes of a whistling shower and what you can do to fix it. Read on to learn more!

Showerheads Have to Be Replaced

Sometimes, the easiest solution is to replace your old showerhead. As time passes, minerals in the water might build up and clog up the smaller sized nozzles. It is really easy to swap out your showerhead for a newer one and see if that will solve the whistling issue.

Clogged Showerhead Pipes

As water starts to flow through the pipes that come out of your home’s walls and to the shower, it has to pass through a smaller hole. If the pipe gets clogged up by mineral deposits, the water could make a whistling sound as it tries to squeeze through. To fix this kind of problem, remove the showerhead and then clean out the showerhead pipe.

Worn Out Showerhead Valve

The shower valve is the part that you engage when you move the primary handles of your shower. It is what controls the mixture and flow of cold and hot water. When the valve wears down, you might notice a couple of signs like whistling or leaking. To replace the shower valve, you will need to get the plumbing right behind the shower, which typically means opening up a section of the wall. Because of this complexity, it generally is better to leave it up to the professionals from B&D Plumbing.

Blocked Shower Cartridges

Another spot that might be clogged up is your shower cartridge located right in the shower valve. However, this part is a bit more tricky to get to and might require you to bring in a licensed plumber to help replace the cartridge.

Faulty Diverter Valves

Even wonder just how the water changes from coming out of your tub faucet into the showerhead? That would be the job of the diverter valve. Check to see if your whistling sound changes when you do pull the handle of the diverter. If it does, this might be the part that has to now be replaced.

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