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Reasons Why Your Toilet Flange Leaks

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There’s a high possibility that a broken toilet flange is to blame if your toilet constantly leaks.

There’s a high possibility that a broken toilet flange is to blame if your toilet constantly leaks. The flange is the metal blend on top of the wax ring that locks your toilet to the floor and bolts the connection between the sewer pipe and your toilet. You will likely have a leak if either piece wears out or breaks. It’s a prevalent issue, but we can assist you in getting things back to normal with some tips for finding the source and repairing the toilet flange.

Signs of a Toilet Flange Leak

Several things can lead to a leaking toilet, but the most common issue is when the wax ring and flange under the toilet are crooked, broken, or faulty. So, how can you tell your toilet flange is the issue?

  • Even if the toilet is not leaking yet, a wobbly toilet indicates that the wax ring and toilet flange underneath it is failing. Wobbling means that the toilet is not secured to the floor.
  • If the wax ring is falling apart or cracked, gases can escape into the rest of your living space, provoking unpleasant odors.
  • There’s a good chance the flange is the issue if you discover water pooling at the base of your toilet and don’t notice anything dripping from the toilet tank.
  • The floor around your toilet feels spongy or springy indicates that the flange is leaking. This allows toilet water to soak into your subfloor, making it less sturdy.
  • The flange may be leaking when the flooring around your toilet rises or cracks.

How to Fix a Toilet Flange

Ideally, you should replace your toilet flange every 6 to 7 years to ensure it’s still in good condition. Repairing a loose or damaged toilet flange will require you to detach and remove the toilet after shutting off the water supply.

After that, you’ll eliminate the previous flange and wax ring and clean out any debris that can maintain the flange from functioning as it should. Then, you should install a new wax ring and toilet flange, re-set and reattach your toilet, turn the water back on and examine any leaks.

Call B&D Plumber to Help You with Toilet Flange Leaks

Ultimately, toilet leaks aren’t something to mess around with, and it’s better to act now than experience the unpleasant and expensive consequences later. A leaking toilet can damage your home and lead to health and safety problems due to sewer gases and moldy water entering your home. Fortunately, B&D Plumber is always here to help when you need us. Call us today at (301) 595-1141!

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