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Oh No! You Accidentally Flushed Something Down Your Toilet!

b&d plumbing Accidentally Flushed Something Down Your Toilet

Have you accidentally flushed something down your toilet before?

Have you ever accidentally flushed something down your toilet? It can happen in multiple ways – your ring falls off your finger, or your child throws her barbie doll. It can happen! Continue reading if you’ve accidentally flushed something down your toilet. We can help!

How Do You Get Something Accidentally Flushed Down Your Toilet?

Generally, the object isn’t gone forever when you accidentally flushed something down your toilet. Moreover, the object is partially flushed or didn’t make it entirely down if you can still view the object at the bottom of the toilet bowl. If this is the case, put on some rubber gloves and gently grab your thing out.  

What If You Can No Longer See the Item?

Unfortunately, you may have to add more effort to retrieve an unseeable object.  

  • First of all, use a toilet plunger to see if the gentle pressure is sufficient to bring the object into view. Sometimes, a large object won’t arrive at the waste pipe.
  • You can also try using a bent wire hanger if the plunger doesn’t work. By the way, this method is risky since you can push the item into the pipe or scratch your toilet bowl.
    • So, you’ll want to create a small hook shape at the end and leave the remaining wire hanger as straight as possible.
    • Then, use your wire hook to gently trace the top of the drainpipe and push down gently.
    • Moreover, swivel the hook around as you gently pull up once it’s inserted.
    • Or you can try attaching a magnet to your hook if the object is metal.

What If You Can’t Get the Object?

Furthermore, you may have to receive residential plumbing services if neither a wire hanger nor a plunger can retrieve your missing object. Also, consider allowing your local plumbing contractor to use their specialty equipment before damaging your toilet or pipes.

Rather than blindly fishing around your pipes, B&D Plumbing can perform a formal inspection to encounter the precise location of your missing object. This way, we can determine the best method to get the item without completing any unnecessary demolition to your plumbing system.

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