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What To Search for If You Have a Hidden Leak in Your Laurel Home

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This article will help you pinpoint the signs that indicate you have a hidden leak.

To prevent a hidden leak in your Laurel home from producing severe structural damage, it’s important to solve it right away. Unfortunately, not all leaks are obvious such as water dripping from your kitchen faucet. This article will help you pinpoint the signs that indicate you have a hidden leak.

Mold Development is a Significant Sign of a Hidden Leak

Mold in your home indicates that you have a hidden leak in your home in Laurel. Moreover, mold and mildew need moisture to develop and thrive. Whenever you see the fungi growing, you might have a leaky pipe in the area.

Additionally, both mold and mildew can lead to severe problems if left unchecked. Maintain your home clean and use exhaust fans in areas where moisture is common. If you have a hidden leak, water damage can become deeper into your home and promote mold growth and mildew in places you cannot see.

Your Walls Become Stained and Discolored

Another sign indicating you have a hidden leak is that you have discoloration of walls or ceilings. This discoloration happens when your walls and ceilings are exposed to excess moisture for an extended time. In addition, your home likely has a hidden leak inside or above the affected area if there is no apparent water source provoking the stains.

You Notice Peeling Wallpaper or Paint

Furthermore, you may have a hidden leak if your paint or wallpaper is starting to peel or blister. Excessive moisture in your wall can make these signs appear. The blisters can also produce anywhere from the underlying level to the top two coats of paint on your wall.

Lastly, it’s essential to stay on top of the presence of water if these signs appear on your Laurel property. Because a leak might not always be the source.

How to Solve the Problem

Ultimately, it’s ideal for handling this leaky situation right away if you discover any of the above signs. You should also call in a residential plumbing contractor such as B&D Plumbing to assist you. An experienced plumbing technician will use their specialized tools to pinpoint your hidden leak and fix the problem in an invasive way.

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