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What Are the Things to Not Put Inside Your Dishwasher?

b&d plumbing not put inside your dishwasher

How do you know what things to not put inside your dishwasher?

Although many products carry the label “dishwasher safe,” there are still things you should not put inside your dishwasher. Their high-water temperatures and drying features can destroy some items and potentially leaky plumbing. So, how do you know what things to not put inside your dishwasher?

What is the Meaning of Dishwater Safe?

The “dishwasher safe” symbol is a box with glasses or plates inside. It is typically located on the bottom of the dishware. On the other hand, the “not dishwasher safe” label is usually the same box with dishes crossed out with an X. In addition, some dishware has “hand wash only,” and these are also located on the bottom.  

What Products are Not Dishwasher Safe?

Furthermore, some items don’t have any dishwater symbols at all. So, how do you know if these products are safe to put inside your dishwasher or not? Here are some recommended items to not put inside your dishwasher: 

  • Cast iron pans will develop premature rusting with the dishwasher’s high temperature.
  • The frequent high heat will eventually splinter or break wooden boards or utensils.
  • Any sensitive or hand-painted dishware must be washed by hand to preserve the original art.
  • Also, your dishwasher’s heat and water pressure can dull and remove the coating protection from your expensive chef’s knives.
  • Moreover, the high temperature can shrink your insulated cup’s insulating material.
  • It’s also best to hand wash any delicate items such as crystal.
  • Lastly, avoid putting dishes with labels inside your dishwasher because these labels can fall off and clog your dishwasher filter.

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Moreover, your dishwasher is a bulky appliance that saves valuable time and makes your life simpler. Also, understanding what is allowed or not allowed in your dishwasher will help it function well, extend its lifecycle, and protect your dishware.

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