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Is Your Basement Prone to Flooding?

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Dealing with basement flooding is never fun and can damage a good bit of your property. Here’s how to handle the situation.

A homeowner’s worst nightmare is flooding problems in the house, and when water damage comes in place, the basement is number one on the list. Severe weather conditions are one of the causes of flooding in houses. Whether you reside in a flood-prone home or not, it is vital to understand that there are numerous reasons for basement flooding

Poor Construction 

To avoid water from flowing into the interior of your home, the basement floor and walls need to be correctly sealed. If they are not correctly filled, water will seep into the basement, causing a flood during heavy rains. Unfortunately, cleanup won’t fix this problem.

Concrete foundations need moisture barriers to fight off the water. Older homes are not often built with these precautions in place. The concrete will eventually develop cracks if it absorbs too much water. These cracks move with changes in temperature and humidity. Your house will be affected as the damaged foundation shifts. 

Drainage Problems

It’s essential to have an excellent drainage system in your home to avoid basement flooding. You will experience water damage in your basement if you have a defective drainage system or clogged, improperly installed, or broken gutters. Gutters with leaves and debris will clog and send water down into the ground, where the cracks in the basement’s foundation can lead to water seeping inside the basement. 

Defective Systems 

Always check that the sump pump, water supply lines, and other household systems function properly. Most basements use a sump pump to eliminate water entering the basement. The sump pump sits in a hole, and the basement grade puts all water into it. The pump activates and quickly removes the water from the basement if the water arrives at a certain level inside the hole. 

Signs of sudden flooding in the basement indicate the pump is malfunctioning. The pump may not turn on if the ballast is not functioning. The water cannot be released anywhere if the connection to the outside pipes is clogged. Consider buying a higher power pump if your current one works. 

Our team of experts can repair any damage mentioned above! 

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