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Should you Insulate your Water Heater?

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Most water heater insulation DIYS can lead to potential problems.

Your water heater was designed with insulation in mind. The interior of most water heating systems has glass and a metal shell to maintain as much heat inside. However, most homeowners take the initiative with the insulation saving energy process giving them different results. While there are several online tutorials about the effective ways to insulate your water heater, they rarely mention the mistakes from DIYs.

Tank Water Heaters Are Already Insulated

A tank water heater is already insulated. You don’t often see insulated water heaters because the heat loss from these types of water heaters is low when they’re new. If your tank water heater is 10-20 years old, then the insulating materials that maintain the heat inside the tank can deteriorate and be worn out from corrosion. The water system might need to be replaced.

There are Different Types of Water Heaters

Not every water heater needs to be wrapped with insulating material. A tankless water heater removes the need for a water tank since these water systems heat water as it enters your home. These systems are energy efficient if you’re searching for ways to reduce your water’s heat loss.

Furthermore, heat pump water heaters are great at drawing heat from your home’s atmosphere and pumping it into the water. You can enjoy energy-efficient heating when any standby heat loss returns into your home’s air. Besides the difference in the energy bill, homeowners can rarely see the difference between heat pumps and your average tank water heater. 

DIY Insulation Projects Can Bring Problems

The insulation process is very particular and requires the water heater to be installed correctly. Insulation must be kept dry. If a tiny bit of moisture is found on the ground or in the air, it can cause the insulation to deteriorate, allowing for mold growth. Since most water heaters are located in basements, they can sometimes be flooded or overwhelmed with moisture or water, depending on the season. Your DIY insulation has a greater risk of developing mold.

We have got you covered at B&D Plumbing and can help you save costs on your water heating insulation without any concern for potential mold or insulation deterioration.

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