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How to Measure Your Toilet for a Replacement

How to Measure Your Toilet for a Replacement

Measuring for a new toilet is the only real way to ensure you are buying a suitable replacement that will fit inside your space.

At some point or another, every toilet must be replaced. As your toilet ages, it starts to develop leaks. Components begin to fail. However, more efficient models will become available. When you’re tired of dealing with the annoying hassles of an old toilet and the time that comes to replace it, getting the measurements right is crucial. Measuring for a new toilet is the only real way to ensure you are buying a suitable replacement that will fit inside your space. The smaller your bathroom, the more important the measurements are. Here are some ways to measure your toilet for your replacement. If you have any issues with this, call in the pros from B&D Plumbing!

Measuring Your Tank Height

Measure the toilet tank height to make sure the new toilet will fit underneath shelves or anything else that is currently above the old toilet. A toilet tank and its height are measured from the floor to the very top of the toilet tank. Place the end tape measure on the floor, and take the measurement at the top edge of the tank lid.

Measuring Your Toilet Depth

Toilet bowls and seats are either oval or round. Round bowls take up a bit less space, with oval bowls tend to offer a bit more comfort. To measure your existing toilet’s full depth, measure from the very front edge of the toilet bowl to the very back of the tank. If you are comfortable with your current toilet’s depth, then pick a new toilet with a similar depth. If you start to feel like you could use a little more space in front of your toilet, pick a shallower replacement.

Rough-In Measurement for Your Toilet

The rough-in measurement of your toilet refers to the span between the wall behind your toilet and the center of the waste pipe. To measure the rough-in for your toilet, measure from the wall behind your toilet towards the middle of the bolt caps (which are the caps that hold your toilet to the floor). If there are four bolt caps, measure to the rear set of your bolt caps. Please take all of your toilet measurements into your home improvement store or to your local plumber, and use them for help in buying a new toilet that will fit with your existing bathroom and waste pipe configuration.

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