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Do You Repair or Replace Your Toilet?

b&d plumbing repair or replace your toilet

Here are some ways to determine if you need to repair or replace your toilet.

No time is more sacred than our time in our bathrooms. Taking a seat on the porcelain throne is truly a time of relaxation. While bathroom time is sacred, ensure you receive the most with a toilet that’s not falling apart. If you notice your toilet is producing problems, here are some ways to determine if you need to repair or replace your toilet.

Your Toilet is Running

Nothing is more annoying than a running toilet. It’s also the common cause of high-water bills. In addition, the flapper is the most common cause of your toilet running. You’ll know it’s the toilet flapper when it no longer holds a tight seal, and the water begins leaking into the bowl. Fortunately, all hardware stores have the necessary parts to stop your toilet from running.

Replace That Cracked Seat

Should you repair or replace your toilet? Most of us procrastinate regarding a wobbly or cracked toilet seat. Although most of the newer toilet seats screw into place with plastic nuts, the older toilets used a metal nut and bolt for tightening the seat. While it’s easy to replace your toilet, the nut can be hard to remove if it has corrosion.

Moreover, you might have an old model that utilizes excessive water if your toilet seat is secured with a metal nut and bolt. So, consider replacing it with a new toilet that consumes less than 2 gallons per flush. Thankfully, B&D Plumbing can assist you with your toilet replacement needs. Call us at 301-595-1141!

A Shifting Toilet

You should not put off a rocking or shifting toilet for another day. Putting off a rocking or shifting toilet can damage your subfloor. For instance, the subfloor might warp, or its original installation was incorrect. Regardless of the case, any movement can harm the wax seal. To correct the toilet issue, eliminate the previous caulking and cut plastic shims if there are any. Since the toilet was wobbly or had moved, the wax ring will require replacing before reinstalling it. Once the wax ring is leveled, tighten the nuts until they’re secured. Finally, add new caulking around your toilet.

Consider Replacing Your Toilet

Do you repair or replace your toilet? If you have to ask that question, there’s no doubt you should get a toilet replacement. If your current model flushes over 3 gallons per flush, you’re wasting water. Additionally, these old toilets were made in the 80s and early 90s. So, you’re better off investing in a newer toilet model.

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