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How Can You Tell if You Need a High-Power Flush Toilet?

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Learn about the pros of a high-power flush toilet and how to determine if purchasing one is ideal for you.

Are you annoyed with your current toilet’s low flush power, or are you searching for the perfect high-power flush toilet for your home? A high-power flush toilet might be the answer if you notice that you constantly need to flush twice or receive clogged drains. Read on to learn about the pros of a high-power flush toilet and how to determine if purchasing one is ideal for you.

What are the Types of High-Power Flush Toilets?

There are four types of high-pressure toilets created for the residential market to choose from:

  • Pressure-assisted toilets use compressed air to add that extra boost to your flush without using additional water. They tend to be louder and are costly.
  • The Double Cyclone and Tornado Flush toilets use pressurized jets at the top of the toilet bowl. These jets make a potent vortex flush that helps clean the bowl.
  • Also, the Double Vortex toilet uses jets to make a full flush by having the water travel in both directions simultaneously.
  • The Siphon Jet toilet is a separate small reservoir tank that you can install with other systems. In addition, this toilet increases the power of your flush by releasing water with a vacuum pull.

How Do I Boost My Toilet’s Flush Power?

Furthermore, you might not have to buy a new toilet if you know how to boost toilet flush power yourself. Here are some different ways to keep a good flush rate:

  • Make sure to check your toilet drain and pipe drains for clogs before you replace your current toilet.
  • Modify the tank’s float by opening your toilet tank and checking the water level. Also, adjust the float valve length to put between minimum and maximum on the tank.
  • Routinely clean the rim jets since they often get clogged with mineral buildup. Use an unbend wire coat hanger for a simple at-home tool.
  • Use baking soda and vinegar to clean your toilet tank. This will let you know if the flow has improved or if you need a new toilet.
  • Lastly, replace a cracked or damaged flush valve because it will reduce flush power.

Put several drops of food coloring into your toilet tank to test your flush valve. If the color jumps into the water in the toilet bowl, the flush valve isn’t sealing adequately and should be replaced.

Overall, it would help to search for a new toilet if you have tried everything and you still are not receiving the power you need. We can assist with toilet installation if you end up purchasing a new high-power flush toilet.

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