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Are Liquid Drain Cleaners Safe to Use for Plumbing?

b&d plumbing Liquid Drain Cleaners

This article will explain why liquid drain cleaners are unsafe for your home’s pipes.

For most homeowners, their first instinct is to pour liquid drain cleaners into the drain to clear a clogged bathtub, toilet, or kitchen sink. But that is never the best course of action. Liquid drain cleaners are corrosive, harmful chemical mixtures that are unsafe to use. This article will explain why liquid drain cleaners are unsafe for your home’s pipes.

The Problems with Liquid Drain Cleaners

Liquid drain cleaners might not be the most attractive drain cleaning solution, but most homeowners still choose them. This comes with attempting to clear your drain clog with drain chemicals.

Cleaning Drain Chemicals Release Dangerous Fumes

When you use drain cleaning chemicals, they release a foul odor that causes you to cough or leave the room. These chemical fumes give people nausea and light-headedness from being around the liquid drain cleaners.

Drain Cleaning Chemicals Cause Burns and Rashes

Also, these dangerous cleaning liquids can provoke burns and rashes on your skin. These are painful and last long, so you should reconsider using them.

Liquid Drain Cleaners Can Cause Health Issues If Ingested Accidentally

Do you have children in the house? These cleaning liquids can be severe health hazards in your home and cause a visit to the emergency room if your kid has ingested any of them.

Drain Cleaner Products Might Not Work

Additionally, the worst part about a drain cleaner product is that it may not even function that well. They can mess with the pipe lining of your plumbing system instead of unclogging the affected area.

Lastly, these chemicals are harmful to your local environment. Remember that any pipe or drain leaks in your sewer system can end up discharging these chemicals onto your home or your local environment. They can also kill plants and destroy parts of the water supply. 

Invest in Other Plumbing Techniques

Ultimately, complete what is best for your health and home. Invest in excellent, natural plumbing techniques such as water jetting or calling a professional plumber that provides sewer and drains services. No job is too significant or too minor for B&D Plumbing. We are your one-stop-shop for all commercial and residential sewer and drain services.   

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