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Do You Have Low Water Pressure in Your Home Plumbing?

b&d plumbing low water pressure in your home plumbing

If you are experiencing low water pressure in your home plumbing, B&D Plumbing can help!

In general, we quickly need to remember how hot water, water pressure, and other plumbing affect our quality of life. Low water pressure usually sneaks up and becomes a massive problem, a pipe replacement in your home. Has your water pressure gradually slowed in a short time? If you are experiencing low water pressure in your home plumbing, B&D Plumbing can help!

Having Low Pressure in Your Bathroom

If you have low pressure from your faucet or showerhead, the reason is built-up mineral deposits. An easy solution is removing the old showerhead and soaking it inside a plastic bag with white vinegar for several hours or until it eliminates the deposits. You may also utilize a calcium and lime remover. Secondly, eliminate the excess mineral deposits with an old toothbrush. Make sure to replace your old showerhead with a new low-flow showerhead. Additionally, low-flow showerheads consume less water and are affordable.

Inspect Your Shut-off Valve

Another reason you have low water pressure in your home plumbing is that your home’s shut-off valve is partially closed. You can typically find the shut-off valve near the central city water supply pipe entering your home. Also, ensure the valve is fully open by rotating the wheel-like valve counterclockwise.

You Might Have a Broken Pressure Valve

You may also have a broken pressure-reducing valve. This bell-shaped valve regulates the water in your property. Although it’s primarily for reducing pressure, a broken valve can trigger low pressure. In addition, a good pressure is between 45 -65 PSI, while a low pressure is below 40. The pressure is considered high if it’s above 80 PSI. You can test your water pressure by buying a water pressure gauge online or at your hardware store.

A Slab Leak Can Cause Low Water Pressure

A slab leak happens when the water supply line leaks beneath a building’s foundation. Plus, this leak can cause water to penetrate the ground, causing the soil to shift and the foundation to become unstable.

A slab leak can also cause low water pressure in your home plumbing since the water cannot flow freely via the damaged pipe. If left untreated, a slab leak can significantly damage your residential or commercial property and increase your water bills due to the water loss.

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