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How Can You Avoid a Water-Damaging Leak?

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How can you avoid a water-damaging leak?

The last thing most homeowners want to think about is a water leak. But, once they see the signs, they jump into action immediately. Some leaks can be minor such as a leaky faucet or toilet, while others can cause severe damage to your home’s structure. Regardless of the case, how can you avoid a water-damaging leak?

You Can’t Completely Avoid All Water Leaks

Although you can avoid some water leaks, it’s impossible to avoid all of them. Most of them go unnoticed until we view the damage. As much as we like to think everything will last long, the fact is everything in our households will eventually wear out. For example:

  • The pipes in our houses have up to at least a 60-year life expectancy.
  • Tankless water heaters have a 20-year lifespan.
  • You will need to replace the insides of your toilets every few years.
  • Showerheads eventually break down and leak.
  • Your water heater is expected to last up to 15 years.

When they do wear down, they start to leak. In addition, a slab leak can occur from a shifting foundation. Taking care of water leaks is a part of maintaining our homes, especially if we live in an aging house.

High Water Pressure is a Significant Reason Your Pipes Leak

While you can avoid a water-damaging leak, others need early detection. If your home is over 40 years old and you have experienced a pipe leak, ensure a licensed plumbing contractor inspects your pipes. Call B&D Plumbing at 301-595-1141 for residential services. Plus, check your water pressure and ensure it’s set between 40 to 60 pounds per inch (PSI). Remember that 80 PSI will stress your pipes and appliances. Another vital thing to do is pay attention to your water bill if you believe it’s too high or if you see a sudden increase.

Checking for a Leak Before it Becomes Disastrous

A great way to avoid a water-damaging leak is to familiarize yourself with your water meter. First, remove your water meter’s lid. In addition, you’ll need a screwdriver because most covers are made of concrete with a hole on top for your water company representative to have easy access. Most water meters are not exposed, so that they might have a few spiders. Lastly, spray some bug killer in the meter and wipe off the “flow rate indicator” to display a clear picture.

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