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Protect Your Plumbing Appliances from High Water Pressure

b&d plumbing high water pressure

Let’s dive into how to protect your plumbing appliances from high pressure.

While low water pressure can be an inconvenience, high water pressure is also a significant problem. Unfortunately, most homeowners think high pressure is luxurious. However, be aware that it can lead to increased water usage. When there is high pressure, it causes water to flow quicker and more forcefully via the plumbing system. Let’s dive into how to protect your plumbing appliances from high pressure.

Save Your Money and Your Plumbing System

High pressure can also trigger leaks in your plumbing system, further increasing water consumption. Leaks occur when the pressure inside the pipes in your property becomes high. As a result, this provokes them to burst or crack, enabling water to escape. To prevent high consumption and costs, ensure your home’s water pressure is within 40 to 60 psi.

If you suspect that you have high water pressure, confirm your pressure regulator is set to a safe level. Consequently, this approach can save you money on your water bill and extend the life of your plumbing system.

Your Appliances Can Get Impacted by High Water Pressure

Moreover, high pressure can be harmful to your appliances. When the pressure in your plumbing system is very high, it can damage your appliances, such as dishwashers, washing machines, and water heaters. Additionally, the pressure within your pipes can cause them to crack or burst. This will lead to water leaks that can damage your home’s walls, floors, and other areas.

These water leaks can also trigger your appliances to malfunction or fail altogether, leading to expensive repairs or replacements. Plus, the high pressure can add extra stress to their components. So, protect your appliances from the negative consequences of high pressure by ensuring your home’s pressure is within 40 to 60 psi.

We Have You Covered with a Residential Plumbing Expert

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