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Why Does Your Upstairs Shower Leak Downstairs?

b&d plumbing upstairs shower leak downstairs

Does your upstairs shower leak downstairs? If yes, you might have a ceiling leak from the upstairs bathroom.

Do you notice water stains or wet spots on the ceiling directly below a shower? Does your upstairs shower leak downstairs? If yes, you might have a ceiling leak from the upstairs bathroom. While frustrating, this is a common leak. There are plenty of ways you can recognize and prevent these leaks from triggering serious damage. Here’s how.

Determining the Source of the Leak

Before you make plumbing repairs, you must locate the source of the leak. However, water leaks in the ceiling are not always simple to diagnose. Here are the possible reasons:

  • Leaky water pipe – Inspect the water valve behind the walls, if possible. Do you see dripping water? Are the connecting pipes damaged? If so, assume this is the source of your leak. Learn about our residential plumbing services here.
  • Damaged bathroom tile – Water can leak into the room below if your bathroom tiles become loose or damaged. Also, worn-out grout might lead to leaks.
  • Defective shower faucet – A dripping shower faucet can waste hundreds of water gallons and cause leaks inside the wall.
  • Clogged drain – The water cannot go down properly when hair, soap, and other debris clog a shower drain. If the tub overflows, you can see why your upstairs shower leaks downstairs. Check out our sewer and drain services!
  • Leaking drain gasket – The rubber gasket beneath the shower drain can crack, dry out, and leak over time.

It might take some time to determine why your upstairs shower leaks downstairs. You may even discover other water damage signs along the way. Fortunately, B&D Plumbing can help. Call us at 301-595-1141!

How Plumbers Repair a Leaky Shower

Here’s what a professional plumber may do to repair a leaking shower. Before completing any repairs, please shut off the water supply at the main shut-off valve.

  • Hand-tighten the supply line connector joints for a leaking water pipe because over-tightening can worsen the leak.
  • If the substrate behind the shower tile is water-damaged, you must install a new substrate and tile.
  • Seek any holes in the grout; even minor ones can cause a leak. Repairing leaking grout signifies replacing it. Your plumber will eliminate the previous grout and apply a new layer.
  • A plumber will slide a plumber’s snake via the shower drain to eliminate blockages.
  • Regarding a leaking drain gasket, a plumber might need to re-seal the shower drain.

If your upstairs shower leaks downstairs, the plumbers at B&D Plumbing will work fast to diagnose and repair your leaking shower.

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