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Preventing a Garbage Disposal Backup

b&d plumbing garbage disposal backup

This article helps prevent a garbage disposal backup in your sink and the causes.

A working garbage disposal keeps your kitchen running. Without one, doing the dishes after cooking would be a severe chore. So, when you experience a backup, you must diagnose and address the issue quickly. This article helps prevent a garbage disposal backup in your sink and the causes.

Causes of a Garbage Disposal Backup

Kitchen sinks withstand a lot of abuse because most people rarely take the time to care for them. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise when it breaks. However, an out-of-order kitchen sink may bring your home to a halt. So, here are some of the prevalent causes behind a garbage disposal backup:

  • Drain problems – Drain clogs in kitchen sinks are common due to clog-triggering materials such as grease and fats. They solidify under cool temperatures.
  • Clogged garbage disposal – Putting excessive food waste into your garbage disposal can cause it to break or stop.
  • Your garbage disposal is damaged – When your disposal blades are dull or the machine breaks down, it enables full-size food pieces to enter the drain. Over time, clogs develop and push food back into your sink.

Tips to Prevent a Garbage Disposal Backup

Like most appliance problems, prevention is better than repair. Employ the following good practices to prevent a garbage disposal backup.

  • Properly dispose of food (preferably biodegradable) of a reasonable size into your garbage disposal. Whenever possible, scrape the plates before rinsing them and tossing out significant food pieces into your trash can. In addition, ensure not to dispose of significant amounts of coffee grounds, pasta, or fats. All of these items can become a paste that develops drain clogs.
  • Regularly cleaning goes a long way toward preventing a garbage disposal backup. Every so often, apply a few ice cubes and dish soap into the opening and run it. The ice sharpens the blade, while the dish soap eliminates stuck-on fats and grease from the disposal.
  • Use a food catcher to toss out what you can. This metal mesh sits over the top of a drain to catch anything before it goes into the disposal.

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