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5 Easy Ways to Maintain Your Garbage Disposal

B&D plumbing garbage disposal

Remember these tips for maintaining your garbage disposal.

Typically, people don’t think about how crucial it is to maintain your garbage disposal until there is a severe problem. Garbage disposals keep kitchens smelling fresh and make a post-dinner cleanup a breeze. Garbage disposals can even reduce the number of garbage in landfills. However, when this appliance isn’t working accurately, the residue and decaying food can cause your house to have a foul odor. However, you can learn to maintain your garbage disposal by following this solid advice. 

Pay Attention to Water Usage 

When you run this appliance, use plenty of water. Turn on the cold water as the food goes down the drain. After the grinding turns to a soft whir, turn off the device but keep the water running for 10-20 seconds. The running water will carry any residue down the disposal and thoroughly flush the pipes. 

Use Cold Water 

Hot water won’t damage this appliance. However, it liquifies greases and fats. When grease turns to liquid, it adheres to the blades and becomes stuck. A rule of thumb, in general, is never to pour oils down your drain. Instead, thoroughly wipe out pots and pans with a paper towel and discard the paper towel. 

Avoid Draining Hard or Fibrous Foods 

Disposals work best with foods that aren’t hard to chop or grind. Instead of flushing them down the disposal, throw away hard foods such as: 

  • Popcorn Kernels
  • Apple Seeds
  • Peach Stones
  • Bones 

In addition, the fibers on fibrous foods wrap around themselves and cause the blade to jam. Avoid draining foods such as:

  • Onion Skins
  • Egg Shells
  • Celery Stalks 
  • Corn Husks

Maintain Your Garbage Disposal by Cleaning It 

You should clean this appliance because, over time, the sludge builds up on the sides and blades. Avoid harsh chemicals that damage your device, and opt for baking soda and vinegar. Another tried-and-true cleaning method that will sharpen the blades and clean the disposal is using a cup of rock salt as you put ice cubes down the drain. 

Never Put Your Hands in the Disposal 

You can risk injury by using your hands to remove wedged food. The blade could spring into action. Pliers are helpful instead, and the best option is to call us if you know that your garbage disposal has seen better days

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