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How to Inspect Your Outdoor Hose Bibb for Any Leaks

b&d plumbing inspect your outdoor hose bibb for any leaks

Learn how to inspect your outdoor hose bibb for any leaks.

We are still in summer, so if you are thinking of completing some cleaning outside, you will likely need to turn your outdoor faucet (or hose bibb) back on. The winter temperatures might have triggered some models of hose bibbs to crack. So, if you don’t catch the problem early enough, all that water leaking from your hose bibb can lead to water damage. And we don’t need that! Keep reading to learn how to inspect your outdoor hose bibb for any leaks.

Steps Before Turning On Your Water

Complete the following steps to inspect your outdoor hose bibb for any leaks:

  • Put your thumb over the spigot to turn the water on. Or you could use your whole hand to cover the opening if your thumbs are small.
  • If you are able to hold the water in with your hand or thumb, that indicates there is a crack somewhere within the pipes, and water is leaking out.
  • However, you must be fine if you can’t hold back the water and feel much pressure.

Hose Bibb Repair and Replacement

If you have a leaky hose bibb, either visibly or based on the thumb test, you will most likely need a professional to find the problem source and resolve it. This can indicate the repair of specific components of your hose bibb or the pipes leading to it. Otherwise, it can signify the need to replace the whole structure.

Also, you might have to select between repairing and replacing your hose bibb, depending on the severity of the damage. Even though repair costs less, it might leave worn parts in a place where they will fail in the following winters.

What if Your Hose Bibb is Still Leaking?

A leaky hose bibb or cracked supply line can damage your home and increase your water bill. If you suspect a water leak, call B&D Plumbing today at 301-595-1141  to diagnose the problem. We may have to inspect your outdoor hose bibb for any leaks.

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