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Tips for Preventing Pet Hair from Clogging the Drain

Tips for Preventing Pet Hair from Clogging the Drain

How can you prevent your pet’s fur from clogging the drain?

As a pet parent, you want to make sure your pet stays clean, and that includes bathing them. So, how can you prevent your pet’s fur from clogging the drain? The thought of bath time can add some anxiety for both of you, but bath time with your furry friend doesn’t have to be a mess that leads to a clogged bathtub drain. Read on for more tips to keep bath time with your pooch enjoyable and effortless for both of you.  

Frequent Brushing

Hair is one of the common culprits for the drains in your bathrooms to turn slow or stop draining. By brushing your pet’s hair often, you can remove excess dead, dry hair that causes itchiness and knots, and there will be less loose fur going down the drain during their bath time. In addition, it will make the process of cleaning up a little easier and less hair clogging the drain. 

Utilizing Bathtub Strainers

There will always be fur despite brushing your dog’s pet hair before bath time. But the following bathtub drain strainers can help make cleanup easy and avoid the hair from clogging the drain. 

  • A linear shower drain hair catcher is a long, narrow rectangle slit that you can use a hair catcher on it. The hair catcher covers the long narrow strainer and keeps most of your pet’s fur from going down the drain. 
  • The drain cover is a simple hair-catching shield that slips over most standard bathtub drains and reduces how much pet hair passes through the drain. 
  • The pop-up drain cover is shaped to rise over the lump of the pop-up drain. Many of these drain covers come with silicone rings that are flexible to different drain sizes. 

Still Need Drain Cleaning Assistance? Call a Pro

The importance of keeping your pet clean can cause bath time to get a little chaotic, especially if your pet doesn’t like water. Your drains can still accumulate debris and cause annoying clogs as much as you try to keep them clear. This can still tempt you to keep trying to solve this stubbornness on your own, but DIY drain cleaning projects can cause more problems. Whether it’s your hair or your animal’s fur, make sure to contact a professional plumber for your drain cleaning needs!  

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