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What Does Discolored Water Mean For Your Plumbing?


Discolored water could spell trouble for your plumbing. What’s causing the issue?

There are few things as startling as turning on the tap in the sink or shower and seeing that the water that comes out is not clean and clear as expected. Most people think of discolored water and immediately suspect rust, but reddish-brown water is not the only discoloration you may experience. There are actually multiple types of water discoloration that mean different things and require different remedies to your plumbing. 

Yellow Or Brown

This is the most common water discoloration that homeowners experience. If the discoloration is coming with both the hot and cold water, the source of it may be outside your home. The most common source is when your city or county is doing work on the water lines. This can disrupt rust, sediment, and other minerals and cause the water coming into your house to be discolored. If you’re not sure if there is work being done on the pipes in your area, call your local government and ask. When this is the case, the water discoloration should go away in a short time. If, however, this discoloration only affects the hot water in your home, that is a sign that the issues lies in your residential plumbing. More than likely it is in the hot water heater, but a plumbing professional will be able to tell you for sure.


There are two major reasons that your water might be green, and both require that a licensed plumber come out to check on them. The first is algae in your pipes. Algae buildup is a natural process and likely is coming from an old and clogged filter somewhere in your system. While it is not something that is likely immediately harmful, you shouldn’t hold off on getting it inspected and repaired. The other reason your water might be green is that you still have some old copper pipes. As copper ages and oxidizes, it turns greens. This green residue can be carried away in the water, which you see coming from your tap. While it is not immediately harmful, cooper can be an issue if it builds up in your body over time. Call a plumber to come out and check your system and replace any copper pipes.

White (Milky Or Cloudy)

If your water looks white, like it is milky or cloudy, this is not something harmful. This is actually caused by lots of tiny air bubbles in the water, which all together make the water look cloudy. This is much more common when it is cold outside, since the temperature change in the water from outside your house to the pipes inside causes more air bubbles to form.

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