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What are the Common Reasons for a Sump Pump Failure?

b&d plumbing sump pump failure

This article lists the common reasons for a sump pump failure.

Well water has various benefits compared to public or city water sources, including a lack of chemical treatments and more natural minerals. However, maintaining a deepwater well can be challenging, especially with a sump pump failure. This article lists the common reasons for a sump pump failure.

Lack of Water

If you ever turn your faucet on and nothing comes out, it doesn’t necessarily indicate the well has gone dry. In fact, a dry well is quite unlikely. For example, a lack of water could occur due to something simple like a tapped circuit breaker to your well pump. If this is the problem, then flip the breaker on and attempt again. Another prevalent cause for the lack of water is the local water table. Sometimes, your well water can fall far beneath the pump depth during the summer or when it’s dry (like a drought). Decreasing water use can help in this case. Otherwise, lowering the pump might be more optimal if the problem continues or starts happening more often.

Cloudy Water

If your drinking water looks muddy or cloudy, it’s probably because of a sinking water table. When your pump attempts to pull from any shallow water, it could bring slit and sand right into the water supply. This may also indicate that your pump is failing to filter debris efficiently, so monitor this problem, as wear and tear could be expensive to manage.

Smelly or Bad-Tasting Water

A sump pump failure can also occur because your property has corroded pipes due to natural soil changes or bacteria. Call the plumbing professionals from B&D Plumbing at 301-595-1141 to test the water quality if your water smells or tastes odd.

Faucets Sputter or Spit

Moreover, there’s probably some air in your plumbing system if your faucets start to sputter or spit with use. It’s possible the water pipe has cracked or has a broken pump, both of which must be redesigned by pulling at the well.

High Utility Bills

You might have a sump pump failure if your utility bills rise above average for no obvious reasons. Call B&D Plumbing for good maintenance to assist you in saving some money in the long term.

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