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What are the Benefits of Flushing Water Out of Your Water Heater?

b&d plumbing flushing water out of your water heater

When performing house chores, flushing water out of your water heater is easy to overlook.

When performing house chores, flushing water out of your water heater is easy to overlook. However, regularly taking out the hot water is critical. One minor mistake while flushing your system is that it may cause potential leaks and other issues down the line. This is why it’s advisable that you save money and reach out to B&D Plumbing. Continue reading to learn the significance of water heater flushing.

Eliminating Sediment Build-Up

Why is flushing water out of your water heater necessary? Water heater flushing signifies removing all of the water in the system, draining it, and allowing it to refill again with fresh water. This is a critical step of water heater maintenance because it eliminates sediment buildup.

Minerals such as calcium will form on the bottom of your heater over time. Even though these minerals are fine to drink, they can harm your plumbing equipment. In addition, the minerals will quickly lessen the heater’s heating capacity and deter it from filling up with substantial water to satisfy your basic hot water needs.

Water Heater Flushing Process

Furthermore, if you routinely flush your heater yearly, you may drain the minerals from the system before it becomes harder to eliminate. Flushing water out of your water heater is complex but a process.

  • Make sure no water enters the tank by shutting off both the water heater and the cold-water intake valve.
  • After the water in the tank is done cooling, drain it via a hose from the valve on the side of the tank.
  • This will drain all the water into the tank and should turn back on.

Although this procedure may be simple, you can experience leaking water and mold problems if the water is not adequately flushed. That is why allowing a professional to complete the job is advisable.

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Flushing your heater is a crucial step in your home maintenance checklist. Rather than doing all of this yourself, why not call the plumbing experts at B&D Plumbing to complete this vital maintenance simultaneously with a water heater inspection?

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