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Here’s Why Your Restaurant Should Avoid Clogged Drains

b&d plumbing clogged drains

Numerous signs will appear in your restaurant if there’s a problem with your drains, such as clogged drains.

One thing that some restaurant employees and management overlook among the hustle and bustle of creating a unique dining experience is a restaurant’s drains. You only have one chance to make a good impression and retain loyal customers. So why should you ignore something that could impact if someone returns? Things that get put off or not prioritized, such as clogged drains, can actually affect your restaurant, and you cannot afford to lose customers.

Unwanted Flies in Your Dining Room or Kitchen

Numerous signs will appear if there’s a problem with your drains, such as clogged drains. This may include unpleasant odors, gurgling pipes, or the onset of flies. Unfortunately, those flies won’t hang out in your wastewater lines; they will buzz around your restaurant. Imagine it becomes a constant distraction for clients. Your employees will also get annoyed being bothered attempting to do their job quickly. It just presents the feeling of an unsanitary, unhealthy environment, and no restaurant wants that.

Messy Grease Traps May Lead to Robust Smells and Fines

Your restaurant’s clogged drains are not limited to the bathroom; plenty are in the kitchen, too. However, none may be more critical than your grease trap. A grease trap is a path through which a kitchen’s wastewater will flow to intercept grease so that it does not enter the sewer. Based on your restaurant’s size, you should maintain your grease trap and pump it at least once every quarter.

What could happen if you don’t maintain your grease trap? The longer you allow waste to sit in a grease trap, the more bacteria will develop. Long-term exposure can impact the health of clients and employees, leading to illness. In addition, your grease trap could shut down your restaurant since it’s a health code violation. Your restaurant might even receive a hefty fine, too.

Slower Workflow

It can waste valuable time if you constantly wait for the dishwasher to drain after a heavy load of dishes or for the food-prep sink in the kitchen to drain. Even though it doesn’t sound like much, all of those minutes can add up over the course of a month.

A Messy Restaurant Bathroom

Did you know a bathroom can impact your clients’ overall dining experience? Don’t allow your bathroom’s clogged drains to be why you lost a customer or for a massive problem in the future because it was not addressed. At B&D Plumbing, our restaurant plumbing contractors can help prevent every restauranteur’s worst nightmare: a closed kitchen. Call us today at 301-595-1141!

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