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The Consequences of Ignoring Your Drain Service for Too Long

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Neglecting drain service may seem harmless, but the consequences can become problematic over time.

From carrying the suds of a refreshing shower to whisking away the remnants of a delicious meal, drains quietly complete their duties until they don’t. Neglecting drain service may seem harmless, but the consequences can become problematic over time. Let’s explore what happens when you ignore your drains for a long time.

Clogs Can Gradually Happen

A subtle warning that something may be amiss in the depths of your pipes is when you notice a slow trickle. Neglecting drain service enables grease, debris, and hair to accumulate. Before you know it, the smooth flow becomes sluggish. So, this leaves you standing ankle-deep in water and wondering where it all went wrong.

Lingering Water & Unwanted Visitors

As clogs persist and water lingers, an unwelcome guest enters the scene. The combination of trapped wastewater and decomposing organic matter develops an enormous mess that penetrates your living space. Suddenly, your home is overshadowed by the unpleasant aroma of neglect.

Moreover, pests can come as the stagnant water becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. In addition, the accumulation of organic matter in your neglected drain service may attract flies, cockroaches, and other unwanted guests. Overall, your home might become an unwitting host to an infestation.

Structural Damage to Your Home

Drains are not only pipes but vital components that protect your home’s structural integrity. So, ignoring their service may lead to water damage, leaks, and even compromised foundations. What starts as a minor issue in your plumbing can lead to a costly affair.

In homeownership, drains are significant, silently performing the flow of daily life. Neglecting their drain service may appear like a minor misstep, but it can quickly become a series of plumbing problems. Let this article be a gentle reminder to pay attention to your drain service before it escalates into a substantial problem. Contact B&D Plumbing today at (301) 595- 1141 for your plumbing needs!

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