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Plumbing Pointers for At-Home Chefs

B&D Plumbing plumbing pointers for at-home chefs

This blog offers plumbing pointers for at-home chefs.

Cooking is a skill that can significantly enhance your life dramatically, making your diet healthy and providing you with a way to entertain visitors. There’s just nothing quite delicious as a home-cooked meal. That said, a household needs to be set up properly to have a successful cooking process. You’ve possibly seen nightmare videos of home inspections where plumbing components are falling apart, which can be a huge problem for us home cooks. Our experienced team can assist with kitchen plumbing in the Maryland area. Keep reading these plumbing pointers for at-home chefs.

Avoid Oils, Fats, and Grease

Oils, fats, and grease are materials that we discuss a lot on this blog! They basically consist of butter, bacon grease, vegetable oil, olive oil, and even rendered fats from meats. Since they are liquid when we cook with them at high temperatures, these fats can be deceptive. And suddenly, they cool down and become solids.

Moreover, this becomes a significant problem when you flush them down the drain. Even though these fatty materials will go down the drain as a liquid, they will solidify when they arrive at your drain system’s cold, dark part. Over time, they’ll convert into solid clogs and block your drain!

Put the Garbage Near the Sink

Are you frustrated by all the clogs you get, but you avoid putting the fatty materials down the drain? Well, other things may end up going down the drain system. Sometimes, we can accidentally flush flood waste down the drain when handwashing dishes. Without a garbage disposal, we hope that these food remains can flow through our pipes, but that’s not always the case.

Most of the time, these contaminants get stuck somewhere and cause trouble. One of our plumbing pointers for at-home chefs is keeping your garbage container near the counter where your sink is. That way, you can always have a place within reach to throw away solid waste while you’re washing the dishes. A mesh screen covering will also go a long way in maintaining clogged materials from entering the drain.

Clean and Maintain Your Drains

Do our plumbing pointers for at-home chefs make your head spin? We understand you’ve already got a lot on your mind when cooking. So, why don’t you reach out to our team at B&D Plumbing at 301-595-1141 for drain cleaning or maintenance?

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