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Necessary Plumbing Tools Every Homeowner Must Have

b&d plumbing necessary plumbing tools every homeowner must have

So, what are the necessary plumbing tools every homeowner must have?

Have you experienced a plumbing problem at home and knew how to fix it but didn’t have the necessary plumbing tools? We usually borrow from a neighbor or friend and sometimes drive to our local home center to purchase what we need. In the worst-case scenario, we call our local residential plumber to repair the issue. So, what are the necessary plumbing tools every homeowner must have?

Every Home Should Have a Plunger

Without a doubt, a plunger is one of the most necessary plumbing tools every homeowner must have. Our trusty plunger dates back to the late 1800s. Unfortunately, no one knows who invented the plunger, and no patent was recorded. Despite its simplicity, the plunger has been enhanced due to modern-day technology.

A Garbage Disposal Wrench aka Hex Wrench

The garbage disposal wrench is also one of the necessary plumbing tools every homeowner must have in their household. First, drain lingering water from your sink. Then, place a garbage disposal wrench into a particular place at the bottom of the disposal. Now, crank the wrench back and forth to dislodge it in both directions. So, your goal is to move the twist in both directions freely. It should extend about ¼ inch after tripping the red overload button. If the button doesn’t stay in, try again after waiting ten minutes. Also, it would be helpful to drain the water before turning the disposal back on. If it jams again, please repeat the steps.

Another Plumbing Tool is a Water Pressure Gauge

Moreover, every homeowner should have a water pressure gauge. The gauge will accurately inspect your water pressure when attached to the outside spigot. In addition, your pipes and appliances are under too much strain if it’s more than 80 pounds per inch (PSI). The psi is also low and needs increasing if it’s less than 40. Ideally, your home’s water pressure is 40-50 psi.

Unclog Your Toilets with a Toilet Auger

Let’s face it; we’ve experienced a clogged toilet at one point. For some reason, clogged toilets and teenagers go hand and hand. Instead of calling your local plumbing contractor, why not buy a toilet auger? They cost under twenty dollars and are easy to use!

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