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How Do I Fix Smelly Drains?

b&d plumbing fix smelly drains

How do you fix smelly drains?

Does your kitchen drain smell? The stuff that ends up in our drains, like hair, leftover foods, and grease, can lead to smelly drains. The black gunk that gathers up in your sink that releases the smell is known as bio-slime. If left untreated, the bacteria will clog your sink and start to smell like rotten eggs. So, how do you fix smelly drains?

What are the Solutions for Smelly Drains?

If your drains have started to release that rotten egg smell, there might be several reasons for this. Fortunately, there are DIY solutions. The P-Trap is a simple pipe under your kitchen or bathroom sink shaped as a U-shaped pipe fixture. It works to retain a pool of water to block sewer gas from passing and rising into your kitchen or bathroom. So, a leaky or dry P-Trap can cause a stinky smell.

In addition, a drain tends to dry out when you don’t often use it. This allows sewer gasses to pass through. You can fix smelly drains by filling the trap with water before gases escape. Also, run the tap water down the smelly drain to refill the P-Trap for the kitchen and laundry room.

How Does the Black Slime Gather in the Drains?

Furthermore, the smelly drains build up over time because the users often neglect to rinse the drains adequately. For example, if you brush your teeth and spit in your sink every morning and only complete a minor rinse of your sink, the toothpaste and phlegm are still stuck to the drainpipe. As a result, the bathroom items mixed with hair and skin cells move down the drain and stick themselves to the drainpipe. This produces slimy, smelly drains.

Avoiding Slimy Smelly Drains

To fix smelly drains, you should avoid them. Here are several easy tips to assist you:

  • Boil a kettle full of hot water and slowly pour it down your drain weekly to prevent bio-slime from gathering.
  • Vinegar and baking soda are another way to fix smelly drains. While these items might not be ideal for clearing a clogged drain, they are excellent at maintaining your drains.
  • Also, pull up the stopper while rinsing everything down simultaneously with hot water after brushing your teeth or shaving.

If you tried the remedies above and have not received any satisfying results, contact us today at (301) 595-1141 for your plumbing needs!

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