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Plumbing Problems in Your Vintage Home

b&d plumbing Plumbing Problems in Your Vintage Home

Make sure you complete a thorough inspection because there may be plumbing problems in your vintage home.

Did you recently move into a vintage home? Vintage homes have their fair share of plumbing problems just, like any other property with running water. Houses built in the 1960s with galvanized pipes are beginning the end of their life span. Keep reading to learn the plumbing problems your vintage home has and how you can fix them.

Complete a Thorough Inspection

For many homebuyers, they would rather choose an old vintage house than a new home. Especially if the house is in a well-kept neighborhood. However, make sure you complete a thorough inspection because there may be plumbing problems in your vintage home.

Look Out for Signs of Plumbing Problems

Sometimes our vintage home will talk to us, so listen to it! Here are some signs there are plumbing problems in your vintage home:

These are the common signs that your pipes need replacing. Why wait until your vintage house experiences water damage? Consult with B&D Plumbing to receive all your options.

Another Significant Plumbing Issue in Vintage Homes

Another plumbing issue we experience in old vintage homes is the breakdown of sewer lines. Over the last generation, these types of sewer pipes have been installed: cast iron, clay, and plastic (ABS, PVC). Clay and cast-iron sewer pipes were commonly chosen for vintage homes built before the 1970s. Unfortunately, cast iron pipes can deteriorate due to settling moving soil, water quality, tree roots, and chemicals used in the property.

Clay Pipes Attract Tree Roots

Clay pipes are known to last for years, but many homes did not enclose them in cement. Clay pipes are also resistant to chemicals. Unfortunately, they are damaged due to root infestation, sagging because of shifting soil, and leaky joints. So, call the experts at B&D Plumbing when you’re experiencing plumbing problems in your vintage home.

Your Vintage Home is A Reality

Ultimately, owning a vintage home is a dream come true for most homeowners, but it includes plumbing problems. Remember to replace a leaking pipe (galvanized or copper). And the same holds for your home’s sewer line. Call your plumbing specialist at B&D Plumbing if your sewer line is leaking and it’s never been replaced.

Get in Touch With B&D Today!

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