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Do You Have a Leaky Toilet Flange? Call B&D Plumbing!

b&d plumbing Leaky Toilet Flange

B&D Plumbing can assist with your leaky toilet flange!

If your toilet leaks, you most likely have a broken toilet flange. The flange is the metal part on top of the wax ring that secures your toilet to the bathroom floor. It also seals the toilet and sewer pipe. Unfortunately, a leaky toilet flange is a prevalent problem, but B&D Plumbing can help with some tips for diagnosing and fixing the metal coupling.

Signs of a Leaky Toilet Flange

Several factors can trigger a leaky toilet flange. However, one of the most prevalent problems is when the wax ring and flange under the toilet are broken, faulty, or crooked. So, how can you recognize if you have a leaky toilet flange?

Addressing a Leaking Toilet Flange

Ideally, you should replace a toilet flange almost every 7 years to ensure it’s still in good condition. So, repairing a loose or damaged flange will require you to disconnect and remove the toilet after turning off the water supply. After that, you’ll eliminate the old flange and wax ring. In addition, make sure to clean out debris that can potentially disrupt the flange’s function. Then, it’s time to install a new flange and wax ring and re-set and reconnect the toilet. Finally, turn on the water supply and inspect for leaks.

Sometimes, rusty bolts might hold the toilet down, and the nuts won’t come off quickly. In that case, you may utilize a reciprocating saw or a hacksaw to eliminate the existing bolts and replace them with new ones. Ultimately, a leaking toilet can damage your home, health, and safety due to sewer gases and bacteria water entering your property. Luckily, B&D Plumbing is always here to assist!

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