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Advice on Replacing Your Showerhead

b&d plumbing replacing your showerhead

Replacing your showerhead can be an easy DIY process, but it’s also easy to make mistakes and complicate the situation.

Sometimes, you must replace a showerhead for various reasons, such as low or high water pressure. Or perhaps you have a leaky showerhead that you cannot fix. This is when you need to replace a showerhead. Replacing your showerhead can be an easy DIY process, but it’s also easy to make mistakes and complicate the situation. Learn more below.

Gather Your Tools and Materials

When prepping to replace your shower head, you can’t just jump in and replace the old one using nothing but your bare hands. You want to ensure you have everything you need to replace it. Typically, all you need is an adjustable wrench, a set of channel lock pliers, and some plumber’s tape. Having these items handy will help you complete the task of replacing your showerhead.

Eliminate the Previous Showerhead

The first step to replacing a showerhead is to eliminate your previous one. You may easily remove it with a wrench, but while doing so, ensure you hold onto your shower arm to avoid twisting it, causing it to fall off the wall. Unfortunately, that will create another problem for you to handle. Instead of replacing your showerhead, you will be replacing a shower arm. Also, take advantage of removing any dirt or material you find stuck in the thread of your shower arm so it’s still not there and building up after you are done replacing it.

New Showerhead Installation

Secondly, replace your showerhead by wrapping your plumber’s tape around the pipe threads. Next, pick up your wrench and start connecting the showerhead to the shower arm. It’s advisable that you use channel locks to hold your shower arm to avoid breaking it accidentally. Once you are done, please check to confirm if any leaks are present around the seal. Otherwise, you are good to go with your new showerhead.

Ultimately, shower pressure is a personal preference for many people. One fundamental thing we can agree on is that a weak shower due to abnormally low water pressure levels is not good. Fortunately, B&D Plumbing can help you upgrade your bathroom! Call B&D Plumbing today at 301-595-1141.

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