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How Does a Video Sewer Inspection Benefit Your Home?

b&d plumbing video sewer inspection

Let’s learn about the benefits of a video sewer inspection for your home.

A functioning home sewer system is easy to take for granted since it works behind the scenes to flush away water and waste – until it suddenly stops working. If you see bubbles rising through a toilet that won’t flush or sewage backing up into the tub, you need to figure out what’s happening inside the pipes.

While video sewer inspections can increase the overall cost of clog removal, they’re highly recommended before trying removal methods. Let’s learn about the benefits of a video sewer inspection for your home.

A Video Sewer Inspection Identifies the Problem

Large homes far from the street can have dozens of feet of sewer main pipe stretching under the ground. Combine this with the potential for the clog to occur higher up within the home’s drainpipes, and determining the exact problem becomes far more complicated. Sewer and pipe inspection cameras help find and confirm the problem before starting any other work. This reduces wasted time and effort, resulting in a lower service fee.

Helps Uncover Other Issues

Even if you know where the clog is by how it affects your home’s plumbing, this doesn’t guarantee that there is only one clog. A grease and hair deposit may be a problem early on in the sewer line that only hides a bigger problem. While initial video inspection may have to stop at the first clog, your plumber can return the camera to the line after clearing each problem to check for problems further down the pipe. This ensures the entire length is clean before declaring the job done.

Determines the Appropriate Solution

With various clogs forming within sewer lines, guessing which solution to try first might be problematic. Hydro jetting won’t necessarily move tightly knotted roots, while even root cutters fail if the pipe completely collapses. Not all pipe-clearing methods are safe for all materials either. Clay and old cast iron pipes are prone to damage from more vigorous methods. While the plumber can often guess the sewer pipe material based on the age of the home, only a video sewer inspection can verify if the guess was correct.

Ensures You Get the Entire Clog

Sewer pipe cleaning involves punching a hole through the middle of a clog so water can flow again. However, a quick approach like this won’t remove the residue stuck to the sides of the pipe, resulting in further accumulating so a clog eventually re-forms in the same spot. To completely remove the residue of a grease clog or the fine bits of roots left behind, you’ll need a plumber who can inspect the pipes while they clean them. This ensures the plumber can thoroughly and carefully clean to avoid damaging the interior of the pipes and clear out the entire clog.

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