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Steps to Take When Handling a Broken Water Pipe

b&d plumbing broken water pipe

Even though the problem rarely occurs, knowing what to do with a broken water pipe is critical.

Has your home ever experienced a burst pipe? If so, have you wondered what to do when someone invades your property? Even though the problem rarely occurs, knowing what to do with a broken water pipe is critical. There are many considerations, but there are common causes most homeowners experience occasionally.

Turn Off the Water

The first thing to do when you have a broken water pipe is to shut off the water. Doing this step is critical, and everything else is secondary. You must deactivate the water supply to stop the water flow and prevent more water from leaking into your property. Additionally, turning off the water can save you thousands in water damage repairs and a broken water pipe. Locating the water shutoff valve also depends on the climate in which you live. You can probably find the shutoff valves outside for homes in milder weather – either attached to an exterior wall or an underground box with a removable lid.

Remove the Water

The next step is to turn on a sink or open a faucet. This will relieve any remaining water pressure in your pipes and ensure a complete shutdown. The quicker you remove the water, the less mold and water damage there can be. So, use a mop and a vacuum cleaner to clean up the water. Remember to use towels to dry everything the best you can.

Ensure Ventilation is Available

If your home experiences a broken water pipe due to freezing, make sure to turn on the heat and open any cabinet, vanity, or closet doors. More ventilation will help get the heat to the pipes under the sink and in the walls so the water may thaw faster.

Cut and Eliminate the Damaged Pipe

Lastly, fix the broken water pipe. Only do this after shutting off the water and draining the damaged pipe. In addition, the damaged piece of the pipe was cut out with a pipe cutter. Make sure you only cut one inch extra per side of the damage. Once you have eliminated the broken water pipe, you can start the repairs. Fortunately, you can call B&D Plumbing at 301-595-1141 for your plumbing fixtures!

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