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Why You Might Be Seeing Discolored Water in Your Home’s Plumbing

Why You Might Be Seeing Discolored Water in Your Home's Plumbing

There can be several reasons for water that’s tinted red or brown.

It’s never a good sign when the water coming out of your faucet is something other than expected. If it comes out too fast, too slow, too hot, too cold, there’s a problem. Coming out discolored is another issue, but there can be several reasons for water that’s tinted red or brown, not all of which spell trouble for you and your plumbing. Take a look at these common culprits behind the discolored water you might be seeing in your home’s plumbing, and when in doubt have a plumber come check it out.

Water Heater

If the discolored water is only coming out when you run the hot water and the cold is still crystal clear, the source of the problem may be your hot water heater. This could be due to sediment in the tank, or if the tank is old, due to rusting of the tank. Have a professional come out and check. If the tank is rusting through, it’s a plumbing disaster waiting to happen. If it’s just sediment, a plumber should be able to flush it out.

Old Pipes

If your home is old, your pipes likely are too. Homes built before the 1970’s often still have iron or steel pipes, and over time these corrode.  The corrosion (rust) can discolor the water when it flows through them. If only some fixtures have rusty water, consider having a plumber come out to check the system. It could be that newer installations have more modern materials and the rest simply need to be updated. 

Unused Fixtures

If the discolored water is limited to a faucet or fixture that has not been used in a while, The problem may actually be nonexistent. When faucets go unused for a while, the water in them evaporates and leaves behind sediment. When the water runs through again, it dislodges that sediment and it discolors the water. If this is the issue, letting the water run for a bit should clear it up.

Outside Sources

Occasionally, the source of the discolored water isn’t in your house at all. If there is work being done on the municipal pipes, it could be flushing dirt and sediment into your system. Likewise, if work has recently been done and the water is flowing at a higher pressure than previously, it could be loosening up old sediment and pushing it along. It will likely clear up in time, but a professional will be able to tell you if the outside pipes are the source. 

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