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Essential Plumbing Tips to Save You this Winter

Essential Plumbing Tips to Save You this Winter

Wintertime can be quite fun, but the colder months are tough on your plumbing system.

Wintertime can be quite fun, but the colder months are tough on your plumbing system. This is true if you are living in a region where the cold season means temperatures dipping below zero. Then again, no matter how cold it might get, there are always steps for you to take to make sure that your plumbing doesn’t take any punishment during the brutal winter months. Read on for some essential plumbing tips that might come in handy for the winter!

Insulated Piping is Less Likely to Burst

Cracked pipes are a common issue in much of the United States during the winter. Caused by water freezing inside your pipes, this issue is particularly rampant within exposed pipes. One of the surest measures to prevent your piping from bursting is to insulate them. A few folks use foam pipe covers, while a few use spiral-wrap or fiberglass insulation. You could do it yourself, but calling a reliable plumbing company to perform the installation is a much safer bet.

Running Your Faucet Keeps Piping from Freezing

Allowing your faucet to drip can help relieve a bit of the pressure on your pipes during the cold winter months. More importantly, water running slowly through your pipes is very unlikely to freeze. Just leaving the faucet dripping might sound wasteful, but if you consider how much damage a burst pipe can leave, a slight increase in your water bill is a much more economical choice. This is one of the best plumbing tips to follow.

Place Hoses in Storage

Never leave your garden hose fully connected to a faucet during the winter months. The cold will freeze the water inside the hose and every single drop inside the faucet. Disconnect the hose, empty it out, and put it in storage until the spring.

Keep All Your Drains Clear

All of your drains must be kept clear during the frigid winter months because the debris inside them can freeze too. Make sure your drains aren’t clogged, and any amount of standing water inside the pipes will likely freeze and cause you some severe headaches.

Keep the Heat on When You’re on Vacation

When you’re gone for a few days, whether for vacation or a business trip, make sure you leave the heat on. It will prevent your plumbing system from freezing, even if the heat is on a low setting.

Winter plumbing issues can become serious issues if left untreated. Give B&D Plumbing a call if you experience any problems with your plumbing system this winter!

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