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Protecting Your Home or Business from Extensive Water Damage

Protecting Your Home or Business from Extensive Water Damage

Water damage can go unnoticed until the damage caused is already quite extensive.

Regardless of its root cause, water damage is very unpredictable and can leave you with high repair costs. Most homes will experience some type of water damage at some point, so it is smart to stay on top of it. While a lot of homes and business buildings are protected against fire damage through fire alarms and smoke detectors, only a handful have protection against water damage. What makes it bad is that water damage can go unnoticed until the damage caused is already bad. Read on for the best ways to prevent water damage in your home or business!

Perform Consistent Inspections and Maintenance on All Plumbing Systems

It is during the regular inspection that you’ll be able to spot early indications of water damage. Inspect your building for any potential water leakage signs, like damp spots or discoloration on the floors, walls, or ceilings. Molds and mildews can thrive in wet spots, so if you see any molds growing on your property, chances are there is also a potential water source nearby. Inspect the plumbing system that leads to the water heater, washing machines, dishwasher, fridge, and other appliances for leakage indications. Make it a regular habit to shut off the water source supply when you leave your home for a vacation.

Repair and Protect Your Home and Building’s Exterior

Water damage could either be caused by an internal or external source. After an extensive inspection of your plumbing system and seeing that everything is in good shape, check the areas in your house or building where water might enter, such as your doors, windows, downspouts, and others. Check your gutter and roof. Make sure that there’s no damaged or missing shingles. Remove any and all debris that has built up in the gutter to ensure that rainwater can flow. Caulk and reseal any windows or cracks to stop water from getting into your building.

Protect All Your Property

The saying “better safe than sorry” is very applicable when it comes to handling water damage. You never really know when a brutal storm can come or when your pipes can burst accidentally, so the very best option is to be prepared. Place any valuables, documents, seasonal items, and other possessions in a waterproof container. Keep them away from water sources like pipes in your basement or attic. If water has made its way into your home, do not hesitate to give B&D Plumbing a call today to come out and take a look!

Get in Touch With B&D Today!

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