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Essential Plumbing Tips for Pet Owners

Essential Plumbing Tips for Pet Owners

Although it’s an innovative concept to consider, plumbing in your home can actually have an impact on your pet.

There is no doubt that pet parents love their furry friends a lot. So much so that they will typically let them roam the house freely. However, have pet owners considered how the actual plumbing of their humble abode impacts their furry friend? The reality is, although it’s an innovative concept to consider, plumbing in your home can actually have an impact on your pet. As a result, there are a few things that all pet owners should take into consideration when it comes to their plumbing system. 

Always Use Drain Stoppers During Bath Time

If you prefer to wash your pet in the tub, it’s incredibly important that you make sure to use a drain stopper. A drain stopper will block any pet hair from running rampant through your pipes and plumbing in the home. Pet hair is notorious for stopping up the pipes and causing costly issues in the long run. Reducing the risk of a slow moving drain is easier than you think — it just takes a small investment in a drain stopper to do the trick. 

Make Sure Your Toilet Lid Is Always Kept Closed

Keeping your toilet lid closed is a key component to keeping your pets safe while also maintaining good plumbing throughout your home. Does your furry friend often lick the toilet bowl? If so, it’s probably best to ensure the lid to your toilet is kept closed. Unfortunately, the residue that is typically left from any cleaners and other disinfecting agents can be harmful to your furry friends. As a result, it is traditionally recommended that pet owners make sure all the toilets’ lids in the home are kept closed — for their pet’s safety. 

Pressure Balancing Valves Are Essential

When it comes to your faucets and shower heads, having pressure balancing valves in place becomes increasingly important. The reality is, when your plumbing lacks pressure balancing valves, you can typically find yourself dealing with a shower stream that is less than stellar whenever anyone in the house flushes or water temperatures that fluctuate significantly. As a result, pressure balancing valves serve a great purpose, they allow water pressure to be strengthened and balanced (as the name suggests) and also reduce the risk of scalding your pet whenever you bathe them in the tub or shower. 

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