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What to Do If Your Child Causes Plumbing Problems


Children are naturally curious and that may mean they could end up damaging your plumbing. Here’s what to do.

Children are naturally curious and enjoy exploring our homes, which can include the bathroom, where they may get their hands on your plumbing and cause some serious damage. This is most commonly the case with toilets, which are big, shiny porcelain plumbing fixtures that just scream “play with me!” Kids have to learn how to properly use a toilet eventually, and preventing them from using your toilet whatsoever is an impossible task, but there are some appropriate ways to respond when a child causes plumbing problems.

Keep the Lid Down

First off, a preventative matter. Keeping the toilet lid closed at all times can go a long way in keeping any foreign objects from finding themselves deep within the bowl of your precious toilet. There are also child toilet seat latches, just in case your child is especially prone to playing with things they shouldn’t. They’re affordable, easy to use plastic clips that prevent small hands from getting into your toilet, which can be a saving grace when you’re dealing with toddlers who are fascinated by the toilet flushing.

Dealing With Trouble

Anything but water, toilet paper, and human waste can cause long term damage to your toilet. If a blockage is because of toilet paper, a simple plunger ought to get the trick done. However, if you see an object or some kind of child’s toy, that may call for different actions. If you can fish it out, that’s all it takes. If it’s within your pipe system, you want to be careful about lodging it even further into your pipes. Calling a professional is likely your best option, but if it’s within reach, you want to turn the water off at the base first and then fish it out.

If the Problem Continues

Some children just want to keep flushing toilets! If this is the case, turn the water off at the base when it isn’t in use. You could also try removing the chain from the flushing mechanism. Take the lid off and you may have to flush manually for a bit until they get bored and move on. Teaching them the rules of the toilet and how potty training works is ideal once they’re first at an age where they can begin to understand how it all works.

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