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What Size Water Heater Does Your Family Need?

b&d plumbing Size Water Heater your family needs

You can make it a fun project to calculate your peak water usage to purchase the correct size water heater for your family.

Running out of hot water is prevalent if your household consists of teenagers. Sometimes, you have to schedule your shower. Otherwise, cold water will remain. If your existing water heater doesn’t support sufficient hot water to fill your beautiful jacuzzi tub, think again when installing a specific size water heater your whole family needs.

Questions to Ask Yourself When Purchasing a Water Heater

  • Do you plan to add to your family?
  • Do you entertain family or friends very often?
  • Also, will you be caring for a family member as they age?

Water Heaters Vary in Sizes

Water heaters vary in sizes, such as 30, 40, 50, and 80 gallons. How many full bathrooms does your home have? Do you or anyone else take baths or showers? How many gallons of water does your bathtub support if you take baths? How often and during the day do you operate the dishwasher and washing machine? Ultimately, these are the primary considerations for purchasing a size water heater for your family.

Unfortunately, our water heater will break down unexpectedly after many years of use. And sometimes, we don’t take the time to examine our household water usage. As a result, we purchase something that we end up regretting.

Make Sure to Calculate Your Peak Water Usage

Every household varies; some might complete shorter showers while others only use a dishwasher. The average dishwasher only consumes 6 gallons of water, while a dishwasher consumes 4 gallons. Fortunately, you can make it a fun project to calculate your peak water usage to purchase the correct size water heater for your family.

Do Your Research Before a Water Heater Purchase

There are other considerations when determining the right size water heater for your family. Water heaters have been manufactured with the newest technologies, like other appliances. For instance, you can buy a smart heater that connects to an app on your phone. In addition, other water heaters have maintenance-free features.

Furthermore, homeowners who don’t know about water heaters must maintain them once or twice yearly, based on their water quality. There are also water heaters that protect against the hot water’s corrosive effects. Ultimately, you have many options when searching for the ideal size water heater for your family.

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