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The Main Warning Signs of Frozen Pipes

The Main Warning Signs of Frozen Pipes

Burst and frozen pipes are one of the biggest problems that your home can experience during the winter.

Winter is coming! For a while, it seemed like summer never wanted to leave. The warm weather in our area stayed around much later into fall than usual, but winter is definitely on its way. For many of us, that is an exciting time because we dream of holiday light shows and snow falling and hot cocoa. But there are also certainly many dangers to winter weather, not just out on the roads but also at home. Burst pipes are one of the biggest problems that your home can experience during the winter. Read on for some of the warning signs of frozen pipes so that you can get ahead of this plumbing emergency and keep it from happening.

Visible Frost

Pipes that have ice in them may build up frost on the outside. If you see a section of pipe with frost on it, assume that that section is frozen and take steps to thaw it and carefully insulate it against future cold snaps.

Low or No Water Pressure

If you normally have good water pressure and it suddenly slows or even stops completely during the window, it is a safe bet that your supply line is frozen. No water coming through at all usually means that the pipe is completely frozen. If it is not completely frozen, some water might trickle through. 

Smelly Drains

Anything that blocks your pipes can cause food and other materials to sit and start to smell, and ice blockages are no exception. If your outgoing pipes freeze, you could find that the rooms connected to those pipes start to smell bad. If this is only happening during cold snaps, a frozen drain is more likely, but if it is a constant problem, it may be some other sort of clog (either way, call the plumber – don’t use drain cleaner).

Water Damage

Finally, another sign to be aware of is existing water damage. A frozen pipe doesn’t have to burst spectacularly and geyser out (although the incredible pressure created by the water expanding as it freezes certainly can cause that to happen). Frozen pipes can also just crack, then once they thaw they may start to drip. If there is a pipe that has frozen, you are at risk of it freezing again if you haven’t taken steps to prevent it. Water damage around any pipe in your home could indicate that the pipe was frozen once which caused it to crack.

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