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How to Prepare for Your Summer Plumbing Needs

How to Prepare for Your Summer Plumbing Needs

As the summertime approaches, the needs placed on your plumbing system will increase.

As the summertime approaches, the needs placed on your plumbing system will increase. Outdoor sprinklers, people at home using the toilet more often, various showers on hot days, topping off your swimming pool, or even leaving your system untouched for extended periods during vacation. All of these things can take a toll on your plumbing system without you even realizing it. Read on for some maintenance tips to help handle those extra plumbing needs during the summertime!

Inspect Any Hoses and Valves in Your Plumbing System

People usually don’t think about leaks in hot weather because they associate them with frozen pipes during the winter, but summer provides its own set of challenges to a plumbing system. Hoses and connections tend to be the top problem areas. People forget about their washing machine hoses, and that is one of the top causes of floods during the summer. It is one weak link in most plumbing systems. It is recommended to inspect all of your hoses to ensure a tighter fit and turn all of your valves on and off to make sure that they are working.

Verify Your Hot Water Heater is Working Well

Since it is not used as much, summer is a great time to check up on your hot water heater. It is a good time of year to drain and inspect your heater, check the anode rod and heating elements, and take a peek at the gas burner assembly so it could be replaced. It is better to do this during the summer months rather than the winter when you’re inundated with water heater replacements and repairs.

Add Some Outdoor Water Faucets for Your Plumbing System

Summer is a wonderful time to take stock of all your outdoor water needs and decide whether or not you need a new hose bib or not. Depending on the placement of this faucet and how easy it is for your plumber to access your main water line, it can cost anywhere from $300 to $450. You can expect the per-faucet price to be a bit lower if the plumber is installing more than one at a time.

Prepare your Plumbing for Vacations

Since pressure problems mean that floods and leaks usually occur when your system isn’t being used, you will most likely experience a leak while you are sleeping or away. Prepare for vacation by turning your system off entirely using your master water shutoff switch before you leave your house.

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