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How to Prepare for a Dishwasher Installation

How to Prepare for a Dishwasher Installation

We have prepared the following guide for a dishwasher installation to prevent repeated trips along with last-second hardware store visits.

We understand that plenty of people alter their work schedule to wait around for appliance delivery and installation services. Therefore, it helps to get the job completed the very first time around. We want everything to go as smoothly as possible for you to save time. As a part of our dishwasher buying guide, we have prepared the following guide for a dishwasher installation to prevent repeated trips along with last-second hardware store visits. Read on to learn exactly how to prepare for a dishwasher installation properly!

Measure the Area

Measure the width of your current dishwasher. Try to record the distance from underneath the countertop to the floor. Please provide this information to your plumber from B&D Plumbing so that they can cross-check it against the new dishwasher dimensions. Finally, let us know if you’re replacing an old European dishwasher with an American model as the new product might protrude off your cabinets. This is a very simple step, but it is essential to making sure your dishwasher installation goes smoothly.

Buy the Right Parts

Dishwashers used to come with a lot of installation parts. Over the years, manufacturers skimped out on parts in the interests of keeping costs down. Basics like the water intake hose and the power cord don’t come in original packaging. For this reason, please make sure to order a universal parts kit before your installation. If you are struggling to figure out which parts you need for your dishwasher installation, the plumbers from B&D Plumbing can help you figure out exactly what you need.

Locate and Inspect the Water Shut-off Valve

If you live inside an apartment or an older house, you will appreciate watching out for this part of the preparation process. Check to see if your water shut-off valve is corrosion-free, in stable working condition, has a metal connection, and requires no plumbing alterations to connect. Knowing the state of the water shut off valve, your plumber will come prepared with the right parts. You’ll also appreciate knowing that the total cost of the installation without any last second surprises.

Locate the Electric Panel

Locate your home’s electrical panel, so it is safe to turn off power to your kitchen during the installation process. If possible, verify that there is a standard 110 Volt outlet underneath the counter. An electrical outlet is positioned so a cord can reach it. If you’re unable to locate the electrical outlet, let your plumber know, and they can help you find it.

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