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How to Avoid Scary Plumbing Emergencies in Your Restaurant

How to Avoid Scary Plumbing Emergencies in Your Restaurant

A serious plumbing problem could slow your restaurant to a screeching stop and lead to pricey repairs.

In the restaurant field, a plumbing nightmare can scare anyone working. From backed-up sinks to grease clogs and smelly odors, a serious plumbing problem could slow your restaurant to a screeching stop and lead to pricey repairs and lost business. If left untreated, restaurant plumbing issues can start as mild headaches and develop quickly into nightmares. There are few preventive measures that you can take to avoid these emergencies within your restaurant’s plumbing system. Read on to learn how to maintain your professional kitchen’s plumbing system!

Greasy Situations

If you are cutting corners by not regularly pumping and maintaining the grease traps, you are asking for problems. Grease backups can lead to overflowing and store closures, resulting in pricey repairs and lost revenue. Grease that combines with calcium and ash in your pipes can become dense that no amount of hot water will be able to unclog it. If you experience a spill, it could lead to an environmental hazard. There can be cases where spills from clogged grease pipes flood restaurants and parking lots. This can cost you a lot of money. Make sure you frequently maintain your restaurant’s grease traps, so you do not end up in this situation.

Odd Plumbing Backups

Expensive plumbing repairs could often be the result of poor installation and lack of maintenance. Such cases don’t have anything to do with cleaning restaurant kitchen drains. One restaurant experienced consistent flooding at the floor drains of its mechanical room, which were emergency drains. If your plumbing system is backed up badly enough, plumbers might have to break up your entire kitchen floor. The takeaway – always hire a reputable company to check the plumbing for a restaurant before the work begins.

Suspicious Smells

Nothing will damage your restaurant’s reputation quicker than a disgusting odor emanating from your drains and into the dining space. Check if your facilities meet the commercial kitchen floor drain requirements. Stinky drains are the last thing you will want in a place that serves food. If you are allowing debris or bacteria down your drains, this might lead to smells and backups. Installing a drain gate to keep debris out of your drains is a tiny expense that will prevent smells and clogs. It is always a great idea to call a plumber for serious smells and clogs, but investing in a drain snake will help you clear out any minor clogs. It is a simple tool you can use for drain cleaning.

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