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Best Ways of Clearing a Clogged Sink

b&d plumbing best ways of clearing a clogged sink

Consider these best ways of clearing a clogged sink and preventing damaging your pipelines.

Unclogging your bathroom sink or kitchen doesn’t have to be a job for professionals. Before you attempt to break up the blockage yourself, consider these best ways of clearing a clogged sink and preventing damaging your pipelines.

Flush a Slow-Draining Sink with Hot Water

Food residue can leave a collection of grease in drainage pipes, particularly if the drain connects to your garbage disposal. Pour a tablespoon of dish soap and a huge pot of boiling water into the drain. This is potentially one of the best ways of clearing a clogged sink because the hot water should trigger the grease to break down and dissolve to unclog the sink. In the future, avoid disposing of food scraps or oil in the garbage disposal or down the sink drain.

Think Twice Before Using Corrosive Chemicals

Many people reach for a chemical drain cleaner when they discover a clogged sink, but these corrosive solutions can soften PVC pipes and even harm older metal pipes. Plus, stray chemical splashes can damage your skin and eyes. Instead, consider buying a biodegradable commercial drain cleaner because it uses enzymes to eat away clogs. Although they don’t work quickly as chemical cleaners, they are safer and will protect your pipes. This is possibly one of the best ways of clearing a clogged sink.

Use a Plunger on Light Clogs

If the clog is within the drainpipe, you can loosen it with a standard cup plunger. Some clogs need that extra push to get them moving! Also, ensure your sink has multiple inches of water, and block the drain with a wet cloth so that water doesn’t leak out. Then position the rubber suction directly over the sink drain and assertively plunge up and down. Remember to try unclogging a sink like this if you have yet to pour the chemical cleaner into it since it can quickly splash onto your skin while you use the plunger.

Don’t Hesitate to Call Your Local Plumber

If the methods listed here don’t repair the problem, you can face a clog elsewhere in your property’s drainage system. This might require the assistance of B&D Plumbing, who can use a device on the main line. Incorrectly working with unfamiliar tools can damage the drain lines, so it’s ideal to call for backup whenever you’re unsure.

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