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Are You a Pet Owner? Check Out These Plumbing Tips

b&d plumbing plumbing tips

By planning and using these plumbing tips, pet owners can make their homes safe and prevent injuries and health problems for their pets.

There is no doubt that pet owners adore their furry friends. They love them so much that they usually let them roam the house freely. However, have pet owners considered how their plumbing system impacts their pets? The reality is that plumbing in your home can affect your pet. As a result, there are things that all pet owners should consider regarding their plumbing system. Check out the following plumbing tips.

Always Utilize Drain Stoppers During Bath Time

If you prefer to wash your pet pal in the bathtub, you must ensure that you utilize a drain stopper because it will block any pet hair from sliding through your pipes and plumbing in the home. Also, pet hair is known for stopping up the pipes and causing expensive issues in the long run. So, minimizing the risk of a slow-moving drain is easier than you think. It only takes a minor investment in a drain stopper.

Ensure Your Toilet Lid is Closed

Keeping your toilet lid closed is primary to keeping your pets safe while also maintaining excellent plumbing throughout your home. Have you noticed that your pet often licks the toilet bowl? If so, it’s probably best to ensure the toilet lid is closed. Unfortunately, the residue usually left from any cleaners and other disinfecting agents can harm your furry friends. Consequently, pet owners should ensure all the toilet lids in the household are closed for their pet’s safety.

Pressure Balancing Valves are Critical

One of the plumbing tips is having pressure-balancing valves in place for your shower heads and faucets. When your plumbing system lacks pressure balancing valves, you can usually find yourself handling a shower stream that is less than excellent whenever anyone in the house flushes. Or even when water temperatures fluctuate significantly. As a result, pressure balancing valves have a purpose because they allow water pressure to strengthen and balance. They also minimize the risk of scalding your furry companion whenever you bathe them in the shower or bathtub.

By planning and using these plumbing tips, pet owners can make their homes safe and prevent injuries and health problems for their pets.

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