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4 Signs it May Be Time for Drain Cleaning Services

Drain Cleaning

Is it time for a drain cleaning service to step in and get your drains clean again? Here are some indicators.

Most home plumbing problems come down to issues with the drains. Sometimes they gurgle, sometimes they are slow. Sometimes they back up entirely. One of the best ways to prevent these issues is to schedule routine drain cleaning services. While having your drains cleaned isn’t a particularly sexy part of homeownership, it is important. If you can’t remember the last time you had a professional plumber out to clean your drains (no DIY chemical drain cleaners do not count), it is likely beyond time. Here are four other signs to let you know to schedule service today.

Drains Are Slow

When your plumbing fixtures take forever and a day to drain, it is more than just an annoyance. It is likely a sign that there is an issue in the pipes. The biggest problem is that sometimes we learn to live with slow drains because they slow down overtime, and we don’t notice, but if it takes more than a few minutes to drain a partially full sink or tub, your drains are slow. It is important to get a professional out to assess the problem before it becomes a catastrophic issue. 

Drains Gurgle

When something is your home is draining, is there gurgling sounds coming from your other drains? This is caused by pockets of air in the pipes that escape up the drain as the water runs through from the other fixtures. Usually these air pockets are caused by clogs or dents, but either way they can be a signal of big problems. It is important to have a plumber out to assess the situation as soon as possible.

Drains Smell Bad

When your drains smell bad, this is often sign of a major clog. Usually, the smell is not just a little bad, but rather full-on foul, sewage-like smells, especially if they waft up when other fixtures are draining. This is likely not something you will want to just live with, but if you’re considering ignoring it, don’t. Call a plumber to come check things out right away.

Drains Are Backing Up

Those drains that were slow yesterday could likely be backed up tomorrow, and then it becomes a problem we can’t ignore anymore. The main things that slow them down, like hair, soap, and FOG (Fats, Oils, Grease) can also clog drains completely. Before you rish your pipes with a corrosive drain cleaner, call a professional plumber.

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