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What Do Several Clogged Drains Indicate?

b&d plumbing Several Clogged Drains

So, what do several clogged drains indicate?

One clogged drain is a problem that can be frustrating. Attempting to plunge or snake a single drain often takes time and even requires a professional plumber. But what happens if you have several drain clogs? Sewer clogs are unique issues that come with their set of solutions. However, there is little a homeowner can do to alleviate it. So, what do several clogged drains indicate?

Determine Your Drains

First, take a tour around your home to investigate your drains. Write down how many drain clogs, or at least clogging, and note their location. In addition, you may begin to detect specific patterns, such as the drains of two adjacent rooms slowing down. Several clogged drains indicate that there’s a connecting pipe that those two rooms are hooked up, and that’s starting the clog. Or maybe a trip to your crawlspace or basement can help you identify which pipe this may be.

Either way, B&D Plumbing can clean that drain and get it in excellent condition. You should also consider your sewer system. A sewer clog has a problem with gravity and the materials clogging it.

The Problem with Gravity

What goes up should come down, correct? This is well-known when discussing how gravity functions. It’s a natural force that pulls us down to earth. With drains, we utilize gravity to help water and waste flow downwards away from our homes. Then, we use pumps to make it flow up again.

But, when a sewer clogs, the drains lowest to the ground will clog up first. This is why a sewer clog will show itself when homeowners discover that all of their first-story drains are starting to clog while the upstairs drains still usually operate. Since they are closer to the sewer system than the other units, gravity significantly impacts your second-story drains, letting them flow freely.

Hire a Professional Sewer Cleaning

If you have several clogged drains in your home, including a sewer problem, then we’d like to be honest. Sewer issues are not typical drain clogs; they require professional experience, technology, and intense training to be done properly. If you attempt to repair your sewer or alleviate a clog, you can damage your property. Do yourself a favor and call B&D Plumbing at 301-595-1141 for a professional sewer cleaning!

Get in Touch With B&D Today!

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