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Strategies to Prevent a Slab Leak in Your Home

b&d plumbing prevent a slab leak

Learn how to prevent a slab leak in your home.

Slab leaks are a significant burden that must be resolved as soon as they are discovered. Otherwise, they will provoke a high bill for homeowners if they are left untreated for too long. Slab leaks are generally hidden within the foundation and may be hard to detect. Due to their hidden nature, slab leaks can seriously damage your property, resulting in expensive water utilities. Keep reading to learn how to prevent a slab leak in your home.

Maintain A Balanced Water Pressure

Your home’s pipes have a certain water pressure threshold that you must stick with. Most people enjoy high water pressure because it makes the shower more relaxing and washing the dishes easier. But, if your pipes are narrower than standard ones, this will lead to quicker corrosion because the coating will start to strip away.

Have a Plumber Analyze Your pH Levels

It is possible that your home water’s pH level is not suitable for the pipes. In basic terms, the water could be too soft or hard. Both of these components may lead to severe corrosion inside your home’s pipes. Unfortunately, this can lead to more slab leaks throughout the entire house. So, you can prevent a slab leak in your home by hiring a professional plumber so they can diagnose your water mineral content.

Broken pipes can occur to anyone, but B&D Plumbing is here to assist. Our master plumbers can help prevent frozen pipes by identifying and sealing air leaks near your lines. Call us at (301)595-1141!

The Bottom Line

Regarding home maintenance, preventing a slab leak should be a top priority on your list. However, you should call a professional plumbing company to repair the cracks if you already have damage in your home. A professional plumbing company has the expertise and knowledge to repair your system safely. Prevent a slab leak in your home by calling B&D Plumbing today!

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