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Simple Strategies for Preventing Frozen Pipes

b&d plumbing preventing frozen pipes

Preventing frozen pipes is often better than fixing burst pipes caused by a freeze. Preventing frozen pipes is often better than fixing burst pipes caused by a freeze.

Although frozen pipes may appear like a minor inconvenience, they can trigger significant damage to your home and its plumbing system. Preventing frozen pipes is often better than fixing burst pipes caused by a freeze. Let’s explore a few essential tips to help prevent frozen pipes and keep your pipes warm during wintertime.

Tips to Prevent Frozen Pipes

Preventing frozen pipes doesn’t always lead to a home renovation. You can usually prevent them with a couple of simple strategies:

  • If you leave your sink taps dripping during below-freezing temperatures, the water won’t linger in your pipes, preventing frozen pipes.
  • Consider increasing the heat in your home to reduce the chance of a pipe freeze.
  • When temperatures drop, it’s time to open up those cupboards and cabinets. Increase the airflow to your pipes whenever possible because it allows warm air to keep pipes from freezing. Also, this strategy works for thawing frozen pipes.

Prevent Frozen Pipes with Upgraded Plumbing Appliances

Homeowners who live in regions with harsh winters might require more than a dripping tap and open cabinet to keep frozen pipes at bay. Fortunately, you can make plumbing and home upgrades to prevent frozen pipes from harming your winter.

  • Add pipe insulation because it can help regulate your pipes’ temperature in colder months, making it almost impossible for them to freeze. In addition, pipe insulation improves the efficiency of your hot water heater, thus saving energy.
  • Air sealing is an insulation type that wraps around pipes. Consider installing other forms of insulation to help stabilize pipe temperatures.
  • Better insulation in your home signifies better insulation for your pipes. While it’s not as powerful, it may keep your pipes freeze-free most months.

Will Frozen Pipes Thaw on Their Own?

Yes, frozen pipes will eventually thaw, but you should hire a professional to help you thaw them. If left frozen, pipes will most likely burst and provoke significant water damage to your residence. To thaw a frozen pipe, you may use heaters and airflow improvements to unfreeze certain areas within a pipe. However, hiring a professional plumbing company is the best way to thaw a frozen pipe. They can thaw the pipe quickly and prevent worsening the problem.

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